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Composite Wizard

Composite Wizard

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The classic greenscreen touchup tool
Composite Wizard is the classic After Effects compositing package that professional artists know and love. This inexpensive set of 20 filters offers easy solutions for fixing tattered edges, poor matte extractions, improper focal depth cues, and unbalanced color schemes. After the greenscreen is keyed, Composite Wizard uses time-tested tools to seamlessly integrate your subject and background layers.
What's New
Now available as part of Effects Suite
Ideal for use on legacy projects that depend on Composite Wizard filters
Reasons To Buy
Composite Wizard is the simplest complement for your keying solutions.
When you?re in a hurry, you turn to time-tested tools. Composite Wizard?s classic filters work just the way you remember, and there?s no learning curve.
Use Primatte Keyer to remove the greenscreen background, then apply Composite Wizard to make your composite look perfect.
Generate composites that make your animations and scenes look more organic and photo-realistic
Edge control for believable composites
Five powerful plug-ins will soften and control the edges of your layer, making the composite look organic and your subject look fully integrated with the rest of the scene. Edge Blurs and Matte Feathers truly solve most compositing problems! You can even use Deluxe Edge Finder to generate an accurate border for glows and halos.
Remove unwanted artifacts & elements
Seven smart plug-ins correct and integrate your matte into a world-class composite. Eliminate light spills with Spill Killer or smooth uneven screen colors with Smooth Screen. Use Miracle Alpha Cleaner to zap film grain and holes; remove unwanted objects (like wires and rigs) with Wire/Rig Zapper; and reduce video and grain noise with Denoiser.
Advanced elements for a professional key
Seven sophisticated plug-ins make the difference between a good composite and a truly professional image. Light Wrap wraps soft light between the background and foreground layers, while Composite Color Matcher performs consistent color matching between layers. For realistic results, apply inter-layer blurring with Super Compound Blur, or alpha channel clipping with Deluxe Edge Finder.


Composite Color Matcher
Automatically adjust a clip's colors to match the composite environment by blending its tonal and exposure ranges ? all with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Deluxe Edge Finder
Create a precise border along a layer's alpha channel. When used as a control layer, this border will allow you to control the exposure, color balance, sharpness, and transparency of the composite's edge.
Applies an averaging function across pixels from a sequence of frames, effectively reducing or eliminating film and video noise. Useful in cleaning up dark areas of images that pick up "chatter" from film emulsion or video camera sensors.
Edge Blur
Correct tattered edges and generate graphics that make animations and text look more organic and photorealistic. Blend and integrate multiple images easily with Composite Wizard?s Super Blur algorithm.
Light Wrap
Solves one of the trickiest challenges of compositing: creating the illusion that light from the

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