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ROCCAT Ryos MK FX Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
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ROCCAT Ryos MK FX Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

SKU: RC-ROC-12-871-BN-AMBrand: Roccat

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The Ryos MK FX Backlit Mechanical Keyboard from Roccat is designed for gamers and provides multiple game-enhancing features such as Cherry MX mechanical keys, N-key rollover, anti-ghosting, as well as per-key RGB lighting. This wired keyboard is powered by two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors for lag-free gaming, and 2MB of flash memory that can store up to over 500 macros, enabling you to create an armory of time- and life-saving functions and commands. With a smudge-proof surface, the Ryos MK FX also has an integrated cable-channel and audio pass-through ports for cable management and convenience. Connect this keyboard to your sytem via USB and download the Roccat software to customize lighting, macros, modifier keys, and more.Cherry MX Brown Key SwitchesMechanical keyboards utilize a different type of key switch technology for a more durable and unique typing experience. The Cherry MX Brown switch has an actuation force of 45g and offers a small tactile bump when pressed, letting you know that the key has registered. This can be useful for typing or preparing for a movement while gaming. Unlike Cherry MX Blue switches, these do not have an audible "click" mechanism, allowing for a quieter operation. Noise generated from this keyboard will be from the key either springing back into place or "bottoming out" ?__making contact with the back plate after a particularly hard press.Easy-Shift TechnologyRoccat's Easy-Shift technology can give each button a secondary programmable function, for a wide array of battle possibilities. Intuitive and easy to program, with options for simple commands or complex macros, Easy-Shift expands your arsenal, letting you react both rapidly and efficiently in the heat of the battle.Per-Key RGB LightingThe Ryos MK FX offers fully customizable, individual-key RGB illumination in two convenient modes: preset and custom. This means you can add special effects in 16.8 million colors to your keystrokes, or configure your keyboard to highlight your in-game and application key bindings, your modifier keys, your system controls, macro sequences, cool-downs, and much more.Roccat SwarmRoccat Swarm software is available on computer and mobile systems that lets you manage games, apps, and Roccat products in one place. You'll be able to share profiles and macros, update via the cloud, and adjust settings on a smartphone.Roccat TalkRoccat Talk lets your compatible Roccat gaming devices joins forces for additional features to enhance your gaming performance. Roccat Talk offers the following benefits:Easy-Shift - Roccat Talk doubles up on the already formidable control possibilities offered by Easy-Shift. Hold down the Easy-Shift key on your mouse in order to be able to execute a macro on your keyboard, or vice versa. Mix and match macros to suit your style so that your gaming hardware is tuned to bring the pain to your opponents.Easy-Aim - Designed for gamers who like to play on the front foot, Easy-Aim enables you to hold down the designated button on your keyboard and your mouse?s DPI will automatically optimize. It?s a one-stop short-cut that can boost your score, leaving your opponents clueless.

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1x ROCCAT Ryos MK FX Backlit Mechanical Keyboard1x Limited 2-Year Warranty

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