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Roland VC-1-SH SDI to HDMI Video Converter

    Roland VC-1-SH SDI To HDMI Video Converter

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    Conversion of video and audio signals from SDI input to HDMI output

    The VC-1-SH converter allows you to convert an SDI signal to HDMI, providing a more cost effective monitoring solution. This converter is also complimentary to the Roland V-40HD when you want to use an SDI camera as an input to the mixer

    Lossless conversion in the palm of your hand. Awarding-winning multi-format conversion technology concentrated in a simplified mini-converter.

    SDI to HDMI Conversion
    Lossless image conversion
    3G ( Level A&B) /HD/ SD SDI
    HDCP support
    Selectable Channel for Embedded/De-Embedded Audio
    Uncompromising commitment to picture quality.
    The VC-1 series faithfully converts the original source with no change in color or brightness. It supports super-blacks and super-whites, and converts video from cameras and other source devices with all the originality intact.

    Faithful reproduction of video characteristics.
    The VC-1 series reproduces the video characteristics of the original source with no interlace artifacts, pixel shifting, or other conversion problems or signal errors. Jitter and return loss are at exceptional levels as well.

    On-board reclocker
    The VC-1 series features an on-board reclocker to compensate for attenuation of SDI signals carried over long distances. This makes it possible to receive camera-relay video while maintaining a high image quality.

    Support for 1080p 3G-SDI.
    Video signals beyond 1080i can be input and output. The VC-1 series supports both level A and level B 3G-SDI, letting, you connect a wide variety of 3G-SDI equipment. 1080i, 720p, and SD signals are accommodated automatically on connection.

    High quality, smart design.
    The exterior plating is aluminum at 2 millimeters thick. The connectors laid out inside the exterior plates are fastened to the chassis with nuts and bolts. This makes for a heavy-duty specification that can keep the connectors from coming loose even with frequent cable changes, as well as withstanding impact and drops. Every connector has an LED input indicator enabling you to confirm the status of signal transmission at a glance. The series is built for uncompromising reliability that includes accurate operation even over long periods of continuous use thanks to a design featuring exceptional heat-radiating efficiency.

    A form factor that accommodates use on-the-go.
    Cutaway areas in the exterior plate enable you to fasten the unit to tripods or the like using velcro or elastic ties. This makes for convenient placement and setup even during live on-site use.

    Support for HDCP HDMI signals.
    The VC-1 series is compliant with HDCP. For example, the VC-1-DL can take HDCP-applied HDMI input signals, apply frame synchronization or delay, and produce HDCP-applied HDMI output. This allows the VC-1 series to be used in any HDCP-based system with no worries.

    Support for workflow combining audio and video.
    Audio embedding and de-embedding features are provided (channel-selectable) in the VC-1 Series. The audio embedding feature lets you place audio signals from a different source into the video output. For example, when converting an SDI signal to HDMI, you can use the audio embedding feature to output high-quality audio from any of the SDI audio channels. Digital (AES/EBU) input and output are also supported, letting you exchange sound between professional audio equipment with no degradaton in signal. Analog input and output is supported as well making it possible to both monitor and input audio to/from a wide variety of equipment such


    - SDI to HDMI Conversion
    - Lossless image conversion
    - 3G ( Level A&B) /HD/ SD SDI
    - HDCP support
    - Selectable Channel for Embedded/De-Embedded Audio
    *Up/Down/Cross, Frame rate, I/P, and Aspect ratio conversion are not supported.
    SDI Connector
    BNC type x 1
    Analog Audio Connector
    1/4" TRS phone type ( balanced ) x 1 pair (L/R)
    Digital Audio Connector
    1/4" TRS phone type ( balanced ) x 1
    (Combined use with Analog Audio R ch Connector )
    Audio embedding
    Audio de-embedding
    SDI Connector
    BNC type x 1 ( Thru/Out )
    HDMI Connector
    Type A (19 pins ) x 1
    Analog Audio Connector
    1/4" TRS phone type ( balanced) x 1 pair (L/R)
    Digital Audio Connector
    1/4" TRS phone type ( balanced ) x 1
    (Combined use with Analog Audio R ch Connector )
    Input / Output Format
    SDI Input Signal Standards
    SMPTE 424M(SMPTE 425M-AB), SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M-C
    SDI Input Video Format

    What's In The Box

    USB ConnectorUSB Type B (Hi-Speed USB) x 1Power SupplyDC 9VPower Consumption8WOperation Temperature+0 to + 40 degrees CelsiusAccessoriesAC adaptor, Power Cord, Rubber Foot x 4, Owner's Manual"

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