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RTS Telex 2 channel binaural, beltpack

RTS Telex 2 Channel Binaural, Beltpack


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RTS' BP-325 is a portable beltpack for use with RTS Two-Wire intercom systems. The BP-325 is a binaural (stereo) programmable 2 channel belt pack with PGM-in capability. The BP-325 is for use with a dynamic microphone only. - Features: Call function that allows the user to send or receive call signals to other devices on the intercom channel, including audible call alert on the listen side. Microprocessor-controlled microphone kill detect. Powered externally, via the intercom system power supply on channel one. Headset 4 or 5-pin XLR connection Specifications: Channel Supplied Power Requirements: 30 VDC nominal (standard RTS line), 65 to 85 m - A Environmental Requirements:Storage: -20?C to 80?C; 0% to 95% humidity, noncondensing - Bu Program Input:Maximum input level: +20 dBuNominal input level: -10 to +8 dBuFrequency response: 100 Hz to 12 k - Hz, ?3 d - B Monaural Dynamic-mic Headset Connector:XLR-4-31 receptacle (J13)Pin 1 - Microphone low - Pin 2 - Microphone high - Pin 4 - Headphone high Stereo Dynamic-mic Headset Connector:XLR-5-31 receptacle (J14)Pin 1 - Microphone low - Pin 2 - Microphone high - Pin 4 - Headphone left high - Pin 5 - Headphone right high Carbon-mic Headset Connector (J1):1/4", 3-conductor Phone Jack - Used for Headset- Tip - Carbon microphone- Ring - Headphone- Sleeve - Common - Used for Mic Switch- Tip - Remote switch normal-open contact- Ring - No connection- Sleeve - Remote switch common Intercom Line Input Connector (J11):XLR-3-31 female receptacle - Pin 1 - Common - Pin 2 - Channel 1 intercom audio and +DCPin 3 - Channel 2 intercom audio Line Loop/Aux Connector (J10):XLR-3-32 male receptacle - Used for Loop-through:- Pin 1 - Common- Pin 2 - Channel 1 intercom audio and +DC- Pin 3 - Channel 2 intercom audio - Used for Program Input:- Pin 1 - Common- Pin 2 - Program input high- Pin 3 - Program input low - Used for Remote Mic Switch and/or External Power:- Pin 1 - Common- Pin 2 - +22 to +24 volts DC- Pin 3 - Remote switch normal-open contact


Styled in black, the Telex RTS BP-325 is a 2-channel portable beltpack station designed to work in conjunction with RTS Two-Wire intercom systems and the appropriate, dynamic headset mic. It facilitates conversations across the air-waves in one of two fashions: you can either hold down the Talk button?which instantiates momentary mode, allowing you to remain inaudible when you're not pressing the button?or, conversely, tap the Talk button a few times, which will occasion the mechanism to latch into an ever-on position. Be advised, if you instantiate latching mode, everything you say will be heard until such time as you turn it off. This unit also sports the ability to send out a call signal, should you need page someone on one of the two provided channels. Likewise, you might also find yourself paged; in this case, the red call LED will flash, presenting you with the opportunity to speak with the person courting your attention. The RTS BP-325 also features a sidetone adjustment contro

What's In The Box

Telex RTS BP-325 2-Channel Portable Beltpack Station (Black)
Limited 3-Year Warranty

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