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Ultimaxx Mavic Air Quick Release Propeller Guards (4)
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Ultimaxx Mavic Air Quick Release Propeller Guards (4)



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Ultimaxx Quick Release Propellers Guards For DJI Mavic Air: Keep your propellers from running into walls and your drone out of trees with Ultimaxx Quick Release Propeller Guards. Snap on all four propeller guards with easy one-handed installation and get your drone into the air in no time. These lightweight guards won?t weigh down your drone, while the guards keep your propellers off the ground if your drone lands on its side, decreasing any chances of breaking props. Compatible with DJI Mavic drones, the gray color blends in nicely with the body. FeaturesTool-free installation: Install the propeller guards quickly and easily.Set of four: One package outfits your entire drone with propeller guards. DJI Mavic Air: These propeller guards fit all DJI Mavic Air drones. Lightweight: Adding these propeller guards to your drone won?t weigh it down or affect flight times.

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