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Samsung 360 Round Camera System

Samsung 360 Round Camera System


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Live stream or record 4K 360° video with the Samsung 360 Round Camera System. Using 17 camerasâ??16 in 8 stereo pairs positioned horizontally and one skyward-facingâ??the 360 Round can record or stream high-quality video of everything going on around it. Video can either be recorded to internal memory, to an SD card, or to an external SSD attached via the USB Type-C port as well as streamed live via the Ethernet LAN connection. Video from the 360 Round can be hosted or streamed by well-established platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube, and Samsung's own platform, Samsung VR. Whether recording or streaming, high-resolution is always maintained. The 2D video can be stitched to a 4096 x 2048 frame size, while 3D video maintains the same resolution spec, per eye.

Compact Unibody Design
The unibody chassis is designed to dissipate heat effectively, removing the need for a cooling fan and minimizing excess noise. The compact design and passive cooling reduces power consumption for hours of continuous shooting on the job.
Virtually Seamless Live Streaming
The 360 Round enables live streaming with minimal latency (depending on the network connection) and makes broadcasting less computationally intensive through one-step stitching and software control provided by Samsung.
IP65 Rating
Feel free to set up the 360 Round outdoors, even in inclement weather, dusty conditions, or other challenging environments.
With the onboard I/O, external equipment such as fast SSD media and microphones can expand the capabilities of the 360 Round.
Included PC Software
Install the included Samsung software for viewing, editing, and stitching incoming video or recorded video from the 360 Round.

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